News From Your Local Health and Wellbeing Champion, Ellen Blacker

Hello! As I write this it is a beautiful day and the sun is shining, but it won’t be long until the days get shorter as the nights draw in. Sorry to bring the subject up, but winter is coming! How about trying something different this year to stave off the winter blues? Couple of ideas to think about:

Using your computer? Thinking about buying a Tablet? Would you like to “skype” your family? Then the Digi Champion group could be for you! A very friendly group meet in the library every Wednesday between 3 and 5pm in Malmesbury Library and are happy to help and support anyone who is struggling to get to grips with the technology. Why not pop along to see if they can help you? Of course, if you are a whizz with technology, perhaps you could support others to learn? Drop in to find out more.

Time to spare? Could you help someone who has been in Hospital? The Royal Voluntary Service is looking for people who could spare an hour per week to visit someone who has recently come home from a stay in hospital. The duties may be to check all is well and perhaps fetch a little shopping, run the vacuum around, pop the washing out or just be there to show someone cares. The commitment last for 6 weeks to support that person get back into the normal routing of life at home. If you can help, call Emma Dowie on 07766 473267.

Area Board. Ever wondered what an “Area Board” is? Did you know that it can offer financial support local groups and projects? Why not pop along to the next Area Board meeting on 9th November in Malmesbury Town Hall. The meetings are friendly and informal and there is chance to meet and talk to the Councillors as well as people from all around our Community Area. For more information, call Ollie Phipps on 01249 709404 email:”

Extra Cash for you? Do you receive Pension Credits and receive your water services from Wessex Water or Bristol Water? If so, you may be entitled to a 20% discount on your charges. Give me a call to find out more.

Benefit Cap…. Is coming. Just a reminder to please, don’t ignore any letters about this! We may not like or agree with the changes, but the rules are changing and you will receive a letter if it affects you or your household. There is always help available, so call me or pop into the Citizens Advice office if you need some help.

As ever, I am around for general help and support on a wide variety of issues including transport, mobility and safety around the home and reducing the feeling of loneliness. Give me a call on 07557 922020 and leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible.