Tracklements Seek Crabapples For Charity

Malmesbury-based condiment maker, Tracklements, is once again appealing to the local community to put on their wellies, take a walk in the countryside and start collecting crabapples for a terrific cause!

For over 10 years, Tracklements have partnered up with Sherston Primary School to collect crabapples which Tracklements then turn into English Crabapple Jelly to raise money for charity. Alongside making delicious jelly, the Crabapple Project is also a great way to teach the school children about the provenance of their food by showing them the process from tree to jar as well as use up fruit which may otherwise go to waste.

For every kilogram of crabapples collected, 50p will go directly to the school and for every jar of English Crabapple Jelly sold nationwide throughout the year, 25p will be given to the school to donate to a charity of their choice. Last year’s collection and sale of English Crabapple Jelly raised over £500!

Crabapples are “wild” apples and are the source of all domestic apples grown today, such as the ones you buy in the supermarket. They can often be found in British hedgerows, nestled amongst other trees. So, why not pick a few on your weekend walk?

If you have any crabapples you won’t be using and would like to support the local school, Tracklements would love them! All you need to do is drop them off at Tracklements, Whitewalls, Easton Grey, SN16 0RD (01666 827044, open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday) until Friday the 21st October.

To view the full range and find out more about the project, visit T