Malmesbury Resident Stands for Conservative in Wiltshire Council Elections 2017

My name is Frances Sheppard and I am standing for the Conservatives in the Wiltshire Council elections on the 4th of May. I am standing because I wish to help people when things can be done by the Council to improve the lives of Malmesbury residents.
I live in Malmesbury and work part-time at Hilditch Auctions. My husband works in Malmesbury too and our daughter attends nursery here. I love Malmesbury because it is such a welcoming, friendly town. I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and I am often out listening to local residents on the doorstep to find out about the kind of changes they would like to see here.
I am interested to know which local issues Malmesbury residents would like prioritised, and if elected I will ensure these views are heard on the Council and work is done to make things better.
For example, I would like to protect and defend the Neighbourhood Plan, to ensure future housing developments respect the wishes of local residents. There is more to be done to make our roads safer. This is why I have been identifying areas where dropped kerbs are required, in consultation with local residents, and work will soon be undertaken to make these suggestions a reality!
It is clear to me that listening to others is one of the most important aspects of a Councillor’s role, so I would welcome the ideas of as many residents as possible. Please contact me with your views on local issues, or if you would like me to campaign for something in particular.
Tel.: 077 259 788 08
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